English Theatre 2016

Am 4. Februar besuchten die 3. und 4. Klassen die Theatervorstellung „THE FAME GAME“ in englischer Sprache.
Vienna’s English Theatre gastierte im Rahmen der „school tours“ im Salzhof in Freistadt.
IMG 5234b IMG 5240b
At first I thought the actors spoke too quickly, but when I was very concentrated it got better and better and soon I could understand nearly everything.
My opinion is that the two actors who played two or more characters were very good and the main characters sang very well, especially Cloé.
All in all the play was enjoyable and sometimes really funny. Furthermore it  was interesting to see which different roles one actor could play.
Christina Pammer
„The Fame Game“ was a very funny, but also a real-life theatre about casting shows.
Cloé and Davy were both very good singers and also a really cute couple. The man who played Alex and Mario was very strange, so I did not like him so much. Krystal’s voice was sooo nervy. I know it was only part of her role, but I hated it nevertheless.
I liked the songs they sang very much. Old and modern sounds and lyrics – a good mix.
But I found the play a bit complicated, because once they were in the past, a second later in the present or at another location.
All in all it was a good play, not too long and not too short.
Katharina Denk

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